Quesos La Pastora de leche de cabra de Fuerteventura
Fabrica de quesos de leche de cabra con Denominación de Origen Majorero


MONDAY / FRIDAY: 9:00 TO 18:30

SATURDAY: 9:00 TO 14:00


HOLIDAYS: 9:00 TO 13:30

Since 1984, Ganadería La Pared, founded by Augustín and Nicolasa, specializes in the manufacture of cheeses, fruits, vegetables and meats from the farm.


While respecting the artisan process with the highest requirements in the selection of raw materials and large modern facilities.





It has extensive facilities including: Ripening and refrigeration chamber, processing room, drying and distribution.


It also has a large fleet of trucks for transportation of goods in the shortest time and with the hygiene measures and suitable temperature.




Ganadería La Pared MAJORERO cheese